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Rev. Ruud Phaf travels regularly to India, Pakistan, China and Africa to preach the message of Jesus love to the poor. God has given him a great compassion for these peoples.

Read my life story, from rebel to Christ.

My life description Ruud Phaf: from rebel, smoker, to Christ
I would like to tell, how God has redeemed me of my addiction. Let me start with my youth. As a boy of 10 years old I was already started smoking. I wanted to belong with all those larger guys. Smoking was normale. Many people smoked in that time, you saw no different and so you knew not better. My parents were smokers too and they were my example. The smell of cigarettes was very normal at our home. But you understand my parents, they didn't knew that I was smoking, because otherwise, certainly they would punished me.

Image 01 Although I had become pretty queasy at the first cigarette, I didn't give up. I had to smoke, I had to learn to smoke without getting sick. I did not smoke a lot, because I didn't had so much money to buy cigarettes. I begged regularly with older boys from my neighborhood for a cigarette. By doing small chores with people, I spared my money to pay tobacco. What do you mean addicted?? Yes, at a young age I was already addicted to smoking. I smoked really everything. I could hide it for my parents for a few years. The smell of cigarettes already sat at their noses from themselves so they never smelled it on me.

Well, the years passed and as we were accustomed at home, it was time to move again. We moved from downtown of Utrecht, to a small town, Hoograven. So we moved to street at the front of a church, The Immanuel Church. I will tell more about this time.

I was about 14 years old when I became friends with Rob. he was 13 years. His home was on a street near me. We became really good friends from each other. And mind you that we did like smoking along with other friends. Rob told me about the church meetings where he and his mother were going at Sunday. But I didn't had the idea to come with them to the meetings. Rob knew Jesus and I already went to the Church sometimes. That was surely enough, so I thought. The Immanuel Church was formerly a Reformed Church and I went there on Sunday just to please my parents.

I went to church, I tried to understand the preaching but it remained far away from me. I was there with my friends regularly to play cards or carving beautiful marks at the seat. I didn't had a true relationship with God. It was not that I hated Him, but I didn't knew Him like my Savior en Redeemer. That became later.
Smoking was for me not that sinful and bad. I did not had the experience, that it was not good for me.


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